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 Aicha Restaurnt

With the total area of 700 square meters and natural daylight, our restaurant in Wadi Rum is ideal for receptions, group dining and other occasions.


As the only place of its kind in Wadi Rum, our Wadi Rum restaurant provides an unforgettable ambiance and experience for anyone looking for something special.
Whether you are planning a romantic get-together, a dinner party, a birthday party, or a wedding day, both the multi-purpose tent and the coffee shop will suit you perfectly.
Our dedicated and experienced staff will make sure all the essentials for a successful event are handled with attention to every little detail, allowing you to focus on the event itself.


Wadi Rum Jeep Safari Tour from Wadi Rum

A Wadi Rum Jeep Tour or Safari is the ideal way to experience the ‘Valley of the Moon’, Wadi Rum. One of the world’s most iconic and spectacular desert landscapes, Wadi Rum is also home to fascinating Bedouin tribes, and is best explored intimately, off the main roads, with local guides. Our Wadi Rum Jeep Safari Tours are available daily, led by our hand-picked team of local Bedouin guides who grew up in the area and know every rock. Our standard Wadi Rum Jeep Safari Tour is 2 hours in duration at lest, however, longer tours are available for those who are looking for a more in-depth experience.

Wadi Rum Jeep Safari Tour Highlights

Meet your guide, a local Bedouin tribe-person, who grew up with a deep connection to this beautiful desert landscape

  • Jump aboard a 4×4 desert jeep and begin the Wadi Rum Jeep Safari tour
  • Enter the Wadi Rum Protected Area Reserve
  • See some of Wadi Rum’s most spectacular rock formations
  • See camels in a somewhat wild setting
  • Ask your Bedouin guide questions to learn about the historic and unique Bedouin culture


 **Please Note:
Once you get past the visitor centre and the Rum village just inside the gate, there are no roads in Wadi Rum. The Bedouins are the only ones allowed by local authority of protected area, to drive in Wadi Rum. Driving tourists around is make their living. However, the Camp not responsible for the condition of the vehicles nor the tour provided by the Bedouins, we only organise the 4X4 and Camel Ride to help our guests enjoying their experience in Wadi Rum protected Area)

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